Find your p name Birthday Song

Happy Birthday Video Songs for Names Starting with P

Happy Birthday songs have become a significant part of birthday parties in recent years. But with this immense popularity in the past decades, Birthday songs have become overly clichéd, generic and uninspired. And if you, like many others, feel like the same way, well we might have the thing for you.

Breathe new life into your birthday parties with our incredibly diverse selection of birthday songs. From the classic happy birthday song that you have been hearing since you were a kid to a few newer ones that we made ourselves, you will never have to listen to the same birthday song again. Nearly all of our songs target specific names, and we cover almost 7000 different Christian and Indian names. Furthermore, each of these names has at least three distinct songs, so there is no shortage of good birthday songs.

Other than songs, we also offer Birthday video songs to improve the party further. This video will contain various pictures, text, and of course songs of your choice. All of the additions above will make the song all the more memorable and can go well as a birthday gift.

If you do not see the name you want, we do not have it. Consider visiting our Special Names page (Relation) for songs that can be used for most people. If you need a different name that you don't see here, you can write to us.