How to Make Your Pirate Birthday Party the Most Awesome Ever – Part 2

Once you are ready with all the preparation (for more information read the first installment) and your kid’s guests finally arrive, you need to involve them in different activities and games so that they can have a lot of fun and great time!

Activities – Pirate Craft Ideas:
Sometimes the memories are even more distinctive when guests have something to take home  – especially if it is an artwork that they’ve created themselves at the party.

Making telescopes with paper towel tubes, colored cellophane and a rubber band. Decorate with stickers, glitter and markers.

Make treasure maps
Treasure maps are very easy to make. Use a piece of parchment paper and draw your map. Tear the edges off the page, to make it look like a treasure map. craft-map

Make Pirate Flags
Certain pirates are identified by their flags. For this activity the children will use craft foam, markers, glitter glue, and other arts

Whether the children make treasure maps or decorate treasure chests, it will be something special that helps them remember and share with others.

And of course, you need to add some excitement to the party by organizing a couple of games.

Treasure Hunt Game
You can set it up outside or inside, depending on the weather and how many rooms you have. The children can play on teams or alone. If you do put them on teams, let them choose a team name based on some favorite pirate characters (Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, etc.).

Hide a “treasure” somewhere and fill it with small gifts and trinkets. Then, write a series of notes on parchment paper. Each note contains a clue, which will send them to another location with another clue … and so on and so on, until the treasure is discovered!

Walk the Plank
Use a 2×4 board to make the plank. The children take turns walking across the board. When they get to the end they all get a chocolate coin or a small prize. Repeat as many times as you wish.


“X” Marks the Spot
Before the party you need to prepare a treasure map from poster board and mark an X for the location of the treasure. Also prepare a pirate flag (small squares of colored paper) for each child with skull and crossbones on one side and double stick tape on the other.

The game starts by covering the first player’s eyes (one player at a time) with a pirate’s bandana. Spin the player gently 2-3 times, then point him towards the map where he will attempt to find the treasure with his flag.

The player with the flag closest to the treasure wins!

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