Use These Invitation Makers to Design Birthday Invites


Want to invite guests to your birthday party in style? But you need to gain design skills or want to hire someone for that. There is nothing to worry about. Even if you know nothing about designing, you can design outstanding birthday invites, reflecting your birthday theme and encouraging guests to join you on your special day.

How do you design outstanding birthday invites without the required design skills? It’s simple, with the help of an online and easy-to-use invitation maker.

This article will introduce you to two of the exceptional invitation maker apps you can use to design your birthday invites quickly. Although many apps are available online, they are much better than the rest.

Let’s get acquainted with them!

  1. Invitation Maker – Card Creator

    Invitation Maker – Card Creator by CA Publishing is one of the most commonly used and reliable mobile applications to invite your loved ones to special events. This invitation card maker  application can help you design all kinds of invitations without hassle. It requires no design skills or editing knowledge. It only wants you to use your creativity to create an astonishing birthday invite.

Pros of Invitation Maker – Card Creator

This invitation maker application offers many benefits, making it popular among graphic designers. Here are some pros of using this particular application:

  • Easy to Use

This application is effortless to use for everyone, even those who have never designed anything in their life. This application doesn’t require design or editing skills to create invitation designs. All you need is a bit of creativity, and you will be able to design appealing birthday invites.

  • HD Quality Results

Usually, some applications help users design outstanding invites, but they need to allow users to download them in the best available quality. Those apps are useless for you. If you want to leave a great impact on readers and impress them without your creativity, you must download and send the invites in HD quality. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

  • Multiple Editing Utilities

With this invitation-making mobile application, you can easily design the invites of your choice. It offers plenty of editing utilities, making customization more effortless and fun. So, if you ever use this application to design invites, you must explore all the editing utilities to analyze whether they can help you in the work or not.

  • Canva

Regarding designing, Canva is undoubtedly one of the most used tools in the world. Canva offers web-based editing utilities and mobile apps on both the App Store and Play Store. Due to its outstanding features, exclusive editing utilities, and a wide range of design services, most people prefer Canva over any other online or offline downloader.

Pros of Canva

As Canva is being used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it has some capabilities that make it famous worldwide. Look at some of the pros of using Canva!

  • Updated Features

Many tools and software programs instantly catch people’s attention but must leave a solid mark. The main reason is that the developers need to update their features with time. Once people try everything, they get bored with those programs and want something new, but developers fail to gratify users’ needs. However, Canva is different from them. It gets updated frequently and surprises users with unique and outstanding features.

  • Design Everything

Another exclusive benefit of Canva is that it can design anything you want. Whether you want to create invites for your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, social media post, posters, flyers, or even resumes, Canva can help you in this context. Moreover, it offers numerous editing utilities that can transform an abstract idea into a design masterpiece.

  • Tons of Free Templates

When it comes to templates, Canva is the best available tool. Canva provides thousands of templates that you can use to design your birthday invites. Those templates are designed by seasoned designers. The best thing is that Canva has designed templates to satisfy the needs of every person.

Final Words

In the last analysis, hundreds of apps, programs, and online graphic design tools can help you design outstanding birthday invites. However, not all of them are great at work. For instance, some are very complicated to use, some don’t offer free templates, and others are not free to use. 

However, the invitation makers mentioned in this article are great at everything. You can utilize them whenever you have to design astonishing birthday invites.

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