How to Make Your Pirate Birthday Party the Most Awesome Ever – Part 1

Pirate parties only come once in a lifetime so you want to make it really memorable. There is no doubt that the pirate party could be a lot of fun with the many exiting things it usually involves – dress-up, decoration, treasure maps and treasure-hunting…

Are you ready to transform your home into a pirate ship?  If your answer is positive, then here is a step-by-step guide on how to get your “Yo ho ho!” party ready to go.

Get the pirate spirit rolling right from the start by coming up with original idea for your invitations. Buy little plastic bottles and send out “message-in-a-bottle invitations.” Cute, isn’t it? You can print the invitations on a paper with a treasure map on it written with a fancy pirate font. Don’t forget to mention the start time, end time, date and location of your pirate adventure, just to make sure that everyone will appear.


Then roll the papers up and put it in the bottles. Seal the bottles with their cork and find a way to deliver the bottles to your friends.

Dress – costumes and props
You will agree that a party isn’t a party without costumes and props!

A piece of advice: don’t stress out the parents of your kid’s friends by asking them to come in costume. Upon arrival bring the kids into the theme, by giving them a pirate patch, draw a beard with eye liner and tie a bandana around their heads or give them a pirate hat.

Purchase some of these pirate-themed props at a local party store or online and hand them over to each guest:

Eye patches
Skull-beaded necklaces
Pirate tattoos
Skull rings
Paper pirate hats
Head scarves with fake hoop earrings


Set the Stage with Decorations
Décor is always important, and you can set the mood for your party with great decorations like a Jolly Roger flag flying on a ship’s mast, old wooden signs pointing to the Caribbean and etc. If you are really enthusiastic you can create a pirate ship out of some large appliance boxes and have the birthday boy or girl help you paint and decorate the box a few days before the party.

Make a poster for the door that says  “AHOY – WELCOME ABOARD!”


Decorate the party table: Cover the party table in black or red and add some streamers, balloons and confetti.  Use rope netting and shells to create a seafaring look.

Make a Pirate-themed Cake
Of course the culmination of every birthday party is the birthday cake! If you’re into cupcakes, top them with chocolate gold coins, small plastic swords or mini-pirate hats, gummy fish, candy necklaces- the ideas are endless.


In the second installment, you will discover some really fun activities and games for pirate parties. So stay tuned!


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