Useful and Memorable Ideas for Return Gifts

If you ever wonder how to make the children remember your kid’s big day, there is a simple answer – by giving away great return gifts. Return gifts are small presents that you will give to your guests at the end of the birthday party. Although it is not a must, receiving a gift from the host is fun and exciting for everyone.

Children’s goody bags

Nowadays, many children anticipate a “goody bag” at the end of the birthday party they attend. And they always look into it with curiosity and expectations. So what things you can put in it to make the children feel special when they go home. Here are some ideas:

– Small bag filled with pencils, erasers, stickers.

– Bubble makers;

– Hula hoop or jump rope;

– Small planting pot, bag of soil, and seed;

– Take a picture of the birthday boy or girl with each guest as they arrive. Print them while the kids are playing. Place them in a small inexpensive frame or a frame they made during the party.

– Small water color paints with paint brush;

– Jigsaw puzzle;

– “How to” book

– Story books: children love listening and reading stories;

– Coloring books: a coloring book along with crayons is a perfect return gift;

– Clay items;

– Masks and stickers;

– Tattoos

– A writing pad is an ideal gift for children aged above 6 years, as they can long use it.

These are just a few ideas. Put your imagination to work and you will discover many more possibilities and variation.

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