Top Girls Birthday Party Games For an Awesome Party

Party games are the most anticipated part of the birthday party fun. That’s why you need the carefully plan them and get prepared everything you will need for them to be played well in advance. Here are four games your girl and her friends will love:

Truth or Dare
As long as you don’t go overboard, playing truth or dare game can be a blast at parties.

The rules: girls sit in a circle on the floor.  There are two containers – one marked Truth and the other marked Dare.  The first player pulls out a truth question and then read it to herself to decide if she wants to answer it or not.  If she chooses to answer it then she reads the question aloud and then answers it.  If she doesn’t really want to give an answer to the question she puts it back in the Truth container.  In this case, she needs to take a dare out of the dare container and do what it tells her to do no matter what. If you don’t have the questions for the dare and truth containers, you can take a look at this list of Truth or Dare questions .

Tin Foil & Toilet Paper Challenge
Without a doubt, this game could easily become the culmination of the evening at any birthday party.   The girls will have a great time designing fashions using some unconvential materials.

You have to give a roll of toilet paper and a package of aluminum foil to each girl or a group and they should use it to create fashions. The most creative outfit from just foil and paper will win. Fun game and girls really like making crazy looking clothes!

Play on teams or let the girls design their own creations and models.  Anything can be made from the foil and paper including skirts, shorts, blouses, pants, tank tops, sunglasses, high heels, flip flops, hats, wigs, tiaras, jewelry, rings, earrings, belts and more.

Nail Polish Spin Game

Get 6 to 10 bottles of nail polish – the wilder the colors, the better! The girls sit in a circle. Take the first bottle of nail polish, put it in the middle of the circle, and give it a spin.

When the bottle stops spinning, see who the top of the bottle is pointing to. That person picks up the bottle and paints one nail in that color. Put the next color in the circle and repeat.

Keep switching bottles and spinning until everyone has all their nails painted. When a play finishes, they leave the circle.

Blind Trust Make Over Game
Couldn’t be more fun… One girl does the make up of another girl … while blindfolded! Your imagination is not enough to picture the possible outcomes.

Each girl should be blindfolded and then tries to put make up on another girl while everyone else watches. When she finished give the turn to the next girl.

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