Throw a Great Sleepover Birthday Party

Slumber parties have always been among teen girls’ favorites. So if your sweet nine year old is turning 10 and you want to make it the most memorable birthday she ever had, you can consider throwing a sleepover party.

  1. Transform the children room in to a cozy fort or put a big tent where the guests will play and sleep.
    Kids love tents because they can crawl into and feel isolated from the adults. But don’t worry if you don’t have a tent. It doesn’t have to be a tent like the ones you use when you go camping. In fact, it’s best if it’s not. You can make a tent by yourself and maybe even with the help of your kid.
  2. Instead of goody-bags give the girls items for the slumber party. You can give each girl a pair of jammies, a flashlight or a new hairbrush. I am sure the girls will love their matching pyjammies.
  3. Throw around a “toss and talk” ball. Oh, my! What a fantastic idea! All the girls can take part in writing questions and then sit in a circle, toss the ball, and answer the question where their right thumb lands
  4. When the bedtime comes, send them off to sleep with DIY dreamcatchers
    Dreamcatchers are made to protect kids from nightmares, and are traditionally hung above the bed. It is always fun to make one by yourself. So here is a tutorial that will guide your guests:.
  5. Remember something very important – the slumber party does not end when the last person falls asleep. The girls will wake up in the morning… and be prepared – most probably early in the morning, so make plans for a nice breakfast…

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