Remarkably Easy Birthday Cake Decorations For Kids

Make a splash with these fantastic cake decorations

Bear Cake

This lovely cake is topped with chocolate ganache and mascarpone frosting.



Doodle Cake

Cake with rainbow layers will be a sensation among the kids at the party.



Basketball Cake

For this decoration you will need a big bag of Reese’s Pieces and a nice round cake. The same idea would work well for a baseball or football, as well.



Butterfly Cake

Pastel candies and marshmallows transform a round cake (cut in half) and a rectangular cake into a beautiful butterfly.


Tractor Cake

At first you may think this tractor is not easy to put together, but with Kit Kats as bulldozer crawlers and a solid piece of chocolate to act as the shoveling blade you will see how easy it is.


Snake Cake

A bundt cake cut in half then stuck together and slathered with green frosting and Hershey’s Kisses make a cute snake.


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