How to Preserve the Surprise for a Surprise Birthday Party


Surprise parties are increasing in popularity, but do you feel ready to prepare it the right way? Preserving a surprise involves careful planning and serious covert ops, so here are the steps to follow:

Recruit a co-conspirator. A trusted friend is always a huge help, especially if you live with the guest of honor. In that case, you can re-direct all calls and e-mails to him, so you don’t get caught with evidence like an RSVP on the home voicemail.

Time it right. As your honoree may be expecting a surprise party on the day of the occasion, you can plan it the day after. Of course, you can think of something on the real day, too so that you won’t end with a peeved birthday boy who thinks you forgot his birthday.

Spread the news. Phone calls, mailed invitations or a Facebook event notice work best. On Facebook, events designated “secret” can only be seen by selected guests. That’s fine. Another piece of advice is to keep the initial correspondence brief (date, place and time). You can make available the additional details only to those who RSVP “yes.”

Choose the right moment. You and your co-conspirator will have to split up the tasks: one should play party host, while the other escorts the guest of honor. He will have to let the party folks know when they’re 10 minutes away and at best when they’ve just arrived.

Consider the big reveal. There are two ways to approach this. The well-known dark, empty room everyone hidden in and once the birthday boy enters, everyone screams “Surprise! And of course – a party already in progress, with the honoree slowly realizing all of his loved ones are there for him.

Enjoy and have fun. If something goes wrong, don’t blame yourself. You can’t control everyone and there is always a chance someone to slip up. But if you follow the steps above you’ll minimize the chances of having the surprise ruined.

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