Birthday Songs With Names For More Than 3600 Indian Names Now Available

Birthday Songs With Names

We’ve got exciting new! As of today, we started offering custom birthday songs with names for 3600 Indian names. Based on users’ requests we added 700 new names to our website.

We hope more and more users to be able to feel the power of the customized birthday songs. They have proved to be the funniest and the most memorable way to say “Happy Birthday!” to your family members, friends and beloved ones.

You just have to find the name of the birthday boy/girl and select the song you like most.

  • Instant download
  • Share through Facebook, WhatsApp, email and etc.

If you have ever thought of buying a personalized birthday song, it is the perfect time to do so. Start you search now!

But that’s not all. Very soon you can expect a brand new birthday song with name for all 3600 names. So stay tuned!

Custom Birthday mp3


Custom Birthday Songs


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