How People Around The Globe Celebrate Their Birthday


Do you know that it is estimated that you share your birthday with approximately 18 million other people around the world? Ever wonder if all those people are doing the same things as you while celebrating their birthdays? What’s a common practice on all corners of the world is blowing out the candles on their favorite cake to celebrate their special day. But besides that? What are the differences?

Here are some interesting birthday traditions from around the world.

Birthday Tradition in India
• The special day starts early in the morning at sunset, when the parents woke up their child and get them dressed in new clothes. They then all visit a shrine, where they pray and the child is blessed. The special afternoon meal may include a spicy vegetable stew called curry and chutney which is a spicy fruit relish. The dessert is a treat known as dudh pakh, which is rice like pudding. They might also stir in pistachios, almonds, raisins, and a spice called cardamom. If the birthday present is wrapped in black and white then it is considered bad luck.

Birthday Tradition in Brazil
• In Brazil, the houses are very well decorated for the occasion with festive banners and brightly colored paper flowers. Another interesting fact is that children eat candies shaped like fruit and vegetables. But that’s not all. Brazilians pull on the earlobes of the birthday boy or girl for each year of their birthday.

Birthday Tradition in Israel
• In Israel the birthday boy or girl wears a crown made from leaves or flowers and sits in a chair decorated in streamers. Guests dance around the chair singing. The parents lift the chair while the child sits in it.

Birthday Tradition in Canada
• In Canada, they serve homemade birthday cakes decorated with colored sugar sprinkles. Between the layers of the cake a wrapped coin can be found. The lucky kid who finds it is the first to get a turn at all the party games. At the parties children receive colorful party favors called crackers. These are tubes wrapped in crepe paper. They pop when you pull a paper strip. Inside there is a small prize, your fortune or a hat.

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