The Origin of the Birthday Cards – Interesting Facts

Have you ever wondered how the tradition of giving birthday cards got started? Actually, the history of birthday cards is not completely clear and it should be associated with the history of greeting cards overall.

The tradition of sending good wishes goes back many centuries. In ancient China and Egypt, handwritten New Year wishes were exchanged.

The oldest known greeting card was a Valentine’s Day card dating from the 1400’s in England. This card can now be seen in the British Museum.

Greeting cards found more popularity in the 1800’s with the advent of the postage stamp when exchanging card became fairly inexpensive.

In 1856, the first American greeting card company came into existence. It was established by Louis Prang, a German immigrant who started to produce Christmas cards. The best known greeting card company ever is probably Hallmark, started by Joyce C. Hall.

Color printing processes were developed in the early 1930s and led to an unprecedented growth in the industry.

Greeting Cards have taken a new look in this present age of Internet technology. Today, people prefer exchanging electronic or e-greeting cards because they are cost effective, easy to use and can be sent in a matter of milliseconds.  Birthday greeting cards are estimated to represent 60% of the total annual card sales.

With the advancements in technology, birthday cards have definitely changed from their humble origins. One change that has taken place with birthday cards is the use of music. Now internet users can choose a personalized birthday song and add it to a photo birthday card – a fantastic combination that adds personal touch to each and every birthday present.

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