Making Birthday Wishes Special In The Age Of Facebook

Over time lots of things have changed… So has the way of greeting people on their birthdays.

There was a time, not long ago when social media was not around. We used to put special dates in a calendar to remind us for the birthdays of family members and friends. And of course, there were few dates which we always kept in mind…

Facebook changed the Birthday game forever.

Now we all receive Facebook alerts every time a friend of ours has a birthday and no one will ever give you a credit for remembering the special date any more.

But then, how you can stand out of the crowd and make your birthday greeting unforgettable?

The answer is simple …

At BirthdaySongsWithNames.Com we have a solution. We offer personalized birthday songs with names, birthday video, and birthday dialers that are unique, affordable and make a lasting memory.

Let me explain a little bit what the difference between all three services is and how you can use them to make an impactful Birthday wish

  • Custom birthday song with the name of the birthday boy/girl

What? A personalized birthday song with the name of your love one? Yes, it’s true. We have recorded custom songs for more than 7000 names. So the chances are that you will find the name you are searching for. Download the MP3 and share it via what’s app, email or play it at the time of cake cutting.

You can download a personalized birthday song by following these 3 easy steps:

a) Find the name of the birthday person. We have songs for more than 7000 names.

b) Select a song.

c) Make online payment

And your MP3 is ready to be downloaded.


  • Awesome music birthday video

Once you’ve got your personalized song, you can take one more step and create a beautiful birthday video with the song and pictures of your choice. Share the video via Facebook, WhatsApp, Email or play on CD at the party.  Take the birthday person down the Memory Lane and make them feel special on their special day.


This is a new and amazing feature brought to you by You book the song and we call on your behalf at the specified time. Your song will be played over the call while the birthday person is listening in surprise. Unforgettable.

To learn more about our birthday dialer, watch the video.


I am sure you can’t wait to make your first memorable greeting and impress your friends and love ones. Just decide what type of wish you want to make and act now.

Go to and make your first memorable birthday greetings!

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Custom Birthday Songs


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