How important Are Kids’ Birthday Parties?

Without any doubt, when I was growing up, birthdays were perhaps one of the most important events.  I have always loved them, and I am not alone. Cakes, presents, having friends over, special attention from everyone… All these easily turned into lifelong memories. The truth is that birthdays have always been and will be a BIG DEAL! Not just for your child, but for you, too! It’s a chance to give them the most special day of their whole year and show them just how much they are loved.

Every year is a new milestone to be celebrated. An interesting fact is that a significant number of children thought that, if they did not have a birthday party, they would not grow a year older. So, as you can see, in very young kids, a birthday party is so much more than just a party. This is yet another good reason why you can’t miss a single birthday.

The feeling of excitement your kids get when they get out of bed on their birthday, the element of surprise throughout their day, and the enthusiasm surrounding them is what they will never forget. Because I think all those things are so important, I’ve compiled a short list of ways to keep the excitement during the day:

-Build the excitement with a countdown. There are lots of different ways you could do this. Just go surf the web and you will be surprised how many ideas you will collect.

-Decorate the house. Some decorations – drawing on the mirrors, putting up balloons, making signs, etc. – will make the day look fascinatingly beautiful.

– Play them a personalized birthday song – a surprise that will set up a day filled with emotions and happiness

-Sneak a bunch of small presents into the child’s backpack or lunch box. I can imagine how much fun it will be while opening the presents at school.

I realize that every day is a “kid’s day”, but making their birthday the one truly special day is important. There are very few things in life that are just for us as individuals. So no matter how you choose to celebrate, you just have to CELEBRATE!

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