Ideas To Throw The Best Star Wars Birthday Party Ever


The little Jedi in your life dreams of a birthday party full of adventures and a Star Wars theme. That’s great but you are still wondering where to start and how to make it the most memorable party ever. We have a few tips and tricks for you.

Star Wars Invitation Ideas

In case you have enough free time for some unique, homemade invitations then here is a great idea to consider:

Take a piece of white cardstock and cut it into the shape of a lightsaber. With the help of markers color the handle grey and the beam green or blue. Now you can write your party details on the beam. Another possibility is to cut out two small lightsabers and cross them together in the middle of the card. Hint: try to be creative with the texts

Decorating Ideas

There are thousands decoration ideas that could fit your theme and will help you create a thrilling atmosphere.

– Make a “The Dark Side” area by covering the walls with black paper and adding black and red balloons and streamers.

– The little guests should be excited to build their own droid, so you can set up an area of the room where guests will craft their droid using different stuff you have lying around – pots, pans, silverware and other aluminum gadgets.

– Put glow stars and planets (with names of the planets from Stars Wars) on the ceiling. It would be great if the lights are dimmed.

– Use all of your child’s Star Wars toys or figurines to decorate the room. They can be a great fit for a centerpiece or decorations for shelves. You can also tie balloons to the figures hands.

Here some other amazing ideas, offered by Angeli Zankel of Art by Angeli that will add so much fun to your Star Wars party.









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