Ideas for Throwing a Black & White Birthday Party


How classy and at the same time spectacular a Black and white birthday party might be!  It is perfect not only for an adult birthday, but for a teen as well.  Find inspiration with our favorites ideas for a Black & White Party

Invitations: Apparently, your invitations should be in black and white colors. Since Black & white birthday party does sound elegant and a bit pretentious, you need to use the style and wording of the invitation that will best set the desired atmosphere. Also, it is good to specify what you’d like your guests to wear (ie all white, all black, a combination, etc.).

Dress code: One way to approach this is to have all guests dress up in their black and white bests. Gentlemen can wear black pants and a white shirt and ladies can wear black and/or white cocktail dresses. You can make it a bit more fancy by designating men to wear all black and women to wear all white – or vice versa.

Balloons: When it comes to decoration, the first thing that pops in mind is black and white balloons. Use your imagination to set up different types of arrangements, depending on your party space and personal preferences – balloon bouquets and a mini balloon arch are some of the most popular balloon decorations.

Centerpieces: Here are two ideas for table centerpieces. The first one is to place white candles on mirrors and sprinkle black and white confetti around the mirror. The elegant style of this effective decoration will wow your guests.

Another centerpiece option (also very appealing) is to fill up vases with white roses and put black stones in the bottom of the vase.

Food/Beverages: Make the food and drinks for the party as black and white as you can. You’ll soon find that black and white are actually a tasty combination!

One good combination would be to serve black and white cookies and vanilla and chocolate milkshakes.  It will surely satisfy both the vanilla and chocolate lovers on your guest list.

Of course black coffee would be a nice touch here but you can get a little bit more creative with white hot chocolate and black punch for example.

For the main meal you can serve pasta alfredo, blackened chicken, finger sandwiches on rye or marble bread, etc.

Party Playlist: Create a party playlist that ties in with your black and white theme. Here are a few songs to get your playlist started: “Black or White” by Michael Jackson, “Men in Black” by Will Smith, “Black Magic Woman” by Santana, “White Liar” by Miranda Lambert, “White Wedding” by Billy Idol. You can also play songs by the Black Eyed Peas, White Stripes, and Black Crowes.

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