How to Say Happy Birthday

Birthday wishes are more fun when you come up with something original. Sure, a quick birthday wish to a Facebook friend is a nice touch, but if you are good friends or want to make more of a lasting impression, that’s not enough. Getting creative goes a long way in expressing just how much you care for and appreciate that person.

Here are a few original ways to say Happy Birthday:


Personalized Happy birthday song via phone

Do you want to stand out in a sea of friends, colleagues and family members?

Say “Happy birthday” in a different way to make it special. The traditional greeting can sometimes feel overplayed, so try something different and unique. Amidst the flood of “Happy birthday” greetings, let yours be one that stands out.

Pick up a personalized birthday song with the name of the birthday person in it, schedule a phone call and wish someone a Happy Birthday.

With cards and emails, if you don’t hear back, you never know if they got them. With a call, you know they got it.

As an added bonus, the surprise that will come with the call will leave a vivid memory in the birthday person. It’s easy to remember the felling of immense excitement.


Craft a unique greeting based on the person’s age and experiences

Take into consideration any milestones or memorable experiences that have happened in the past year and incorporate those into a birthday video.

Examples of milestones include learning how to drive, growing a family, graduating from high school or a higher education program, buying a home, getting a new job, getting married, moving, starting a new business, and meeting a personal goal, like running a marathon or reading 60 books in a year.

If you think that making a video is a huge task and you do not have the skills to do so, think twice. There are number of birthday video services out there, you can use to make an amazing video.


Write out a personal message for a more specific birthday wish

Nowadays everyone receives birthday greeting over social media or email. The big surprise will come when you send your wishes through traditional postal service.

Get a birthday card, sit down for 10 minutes and write birthday wishes to your friend or family member. And if you want to make it more personal and touching, think about the ways in which they have positively impacted your life and what makes them special and write it down in the card.

Taking the time to handwrite a message and send it over postal service is a gift in and of itself. Most communication happens quickly via the Internet or the phone, so a handwritten note will be something the birthday person can hold onto for a long time.

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