Happy Birthday Song – The Most Beloved And Famous Song

Happy Birthday Song is without any doubts one of the most famous and beloved songs, sung at countless parties around the globe. We all know it – no matter what language we speak and sing it to our loved ones on their birthday right before they blow the candles and cut the cake.

It is hard to find someone who won’t instantly recognize the song. According to the Guinness Book of World Records of 1998, Happy Birthday to You is the most renowned song, standing right next to another famous song – For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.

Over time, the song not only became the most popular melody, but it also became a song that can be easily personalized and attributed to the person who is celebrating their day of birth.

The song starts with the lyrics ‘Happy Birthday to you’ (repeated 2x), then continues with “Happy birthday, dear [_____]” (which is replaced with the name of the person whose birthday it is, before finishing on one last ‘Happy Birthday to you.

Traditionally, the Happy Birthday song is sung to the person celebrating their birthday by their family members and friends in front of the birthday cake. But what if you decide to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a personalized birthday song? Sounds funny and memorable gift, doesn’t it? Most people will love it and play it on their next birthday too.

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