How to Get a Happy Birthday Song with name in Hindi

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Forget about dull and boring gifts — give a happy birthday song with name in Hindi!

When someone’s birthday is coming up, you naturally want to give them a gift that will make them smile and bring some joy into their lives. But giving presents is not always easy, and as many people already have everything — or almost everything — they ever wanted, sometimes finding a suitable gift can seem like an impossible task. 

It doesn’t have to be like that, at least not in India, or for Indians living abroad, who can give someone a happy birthday song with name in Hindi. Whether they’re young or old, male or female and even if they don’t like birthdays and don’t want a fuss, a happy birthday song in Hindi will bring joy to their day and make them smile. It will say lots about you too because you went to the trouble of getting a personalised birthday song just for them. 

A birthday is nothing without a song, and if you make it unique to the person who is celebrating the day of their birth, it’s all the more special — especially if it’s in Hindi. So how do you go about getting a happy birthday song in Hindi and presenting it to someone? 

Ordering a Happy Birthday Song in Hindi with Name

When you get a happy birthday song in Hindi with name, you’re going beyond the usual “Happy Birthday to You” song sung at many birthdays. Instead, you’re creating a happy birthday with a name song, so it’s entirely tailored to the recipient and makes them feel it is being sung only to them. While it might seem like a complex task to order a happy birthday song in Hindi, in reality, it’s not all that hard. 

If you use a happy birthday with name song service like ours, for instance, you just type in the person’s name and all the work is done for you. You get information about the song and how it might be a good choice for the recipient — and you can listen to samples from a selection of happy birthday songs in Hindi and decide whether you like them or not. Perhaps the recipient love Bollywood hits, or are big fans of traditional Hindi music or even Western music classics. Whatever their taste, there will be something they’ll love. 

All this just takes a few seconds. When you find a happy birthday song in Hindi that you like, all you have to do is pay a small fee (Rs.85/- in India and only a few dollars outside the country) and you can quickly and easily download the special tune to your computer. Then you’re all set with your perfect birthday present for your loved one. 

Gifting Your Happy Birthday Song with Name in Hindi

How you give the recipient your Hindi birthday song is up to you, and there are several things you can do. If the birthday boy or girl is far away and you won’t be seeing them, you can simply email them the happy birthday Hindi song, or share it with them on their Facebook page. Even more convenient: send it via WhatsApp. 

So the next time a Hindi Bhasha speaker’s birthday is coming up, why not bring some extra joy and happiness into their life with a unique birthday greeting they will treasure — and can keep — forever? It’s the cool new way of saying you care on someone’s birthday, does away with the tired old songs we’re all used to and will make that special someone smile all day long and beyond.

Thousands of great happy birthday name songs are available at, all for an incredibly low price. Get yours now and make someone’s special day even more special!

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