{FREE Printable} Colorful Rainbow Birthday Party Supplies


Rainbows are magical and undoubtedly have the ability to make people smile. Kids especially seem to love rainbows and in fact, it’s one of the first things they learn to draw (at least my own kids).

So if you are looking for a birthday theme for toddlers and younger kids, I think a rainbow themed party is a wonderful choice. Here are some magical, rainbow inspired ideas for a colorful party. They are all so adorable and will make kids feel happy:))

And, do not forget to make the surprise even bigger by playing a custom birthday song with the name of the birthday kid. All you need to do is find his/her name at birthdaysongswithnames.com


Free Printable Rainbow Tag (via Bloom Design) Here’s a festive free printable rainbow tag that goes so well with brightly colored gumballs as party favors.



DIY Paper Heart Garland (via Studio DIY) –  sweet way to put a handmade touch to your rainbow party.



Free Printable Rainbow Party Invitation – Imagine your guests’ delight when this cute surprise pops out. An adorable way to announce what’s in store



Multi-colored party flags are a great and festive decoration that will make your party even more colorful.



Rainbow Paper Beads (via Mini-Eco) If you’re looking to add a fun craft to your rainbow party, these colorful paper beads are your best choice. They require few materials and will keep kids engaged fro a while. Plus, they also make cute accessories such as necklaces, pins or bracelets.


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