Fantastic 2-Year-Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Tots are bursting with energy and curiosity, so you’ll want to buy a gift that will grab their attention.  The tots at this age take an interest in toys they can push, pull and drag around with them; objects that make interesting noises; puzzles and other toys that challenge their minds.

Depending on the money you want to spend, there is a huge range of gifts you can consider.

Pedaling and Pushing

A tricycle is a great gift. Kids love circling around and enjoy the power to control the speed depending on how much they push or pedal.  At this age, tots are still not completely ready to pedal a tricycle, so look for high-quality tricycles with a detachable push handle.

Balance bikes are another fantastic option because 2-year-olds will enjoy it very much. Some even believe that they’re a better alternative to the tricycle because they teach children how to ride on two wheels without pedals and the transition to a two-wheeled bicycle will be easier.

Walking, Running and Pull-along toys

Two-year-olds love to chase things; to run after a ball, pick it up, and carry it back. Balls make a terrific gift, especially if you can get a collection of different sizes and materials, as each one will offer a different fun challenge.

Pull-along toys have been toddlers’ favorite for generations. Most of them come in the form of trains, trucks, or animals with flapping ears, wagging tails or slapping feet. Any kind will appeal to the two-year-olds so you don’t have to be hesitant about your choice.

Art and craft materials

At this age, children enjoy using different materials like rollers, brushes and sponges to create paint effects. Be sure, though, when buying your gift to check the labels to make sure that the materials it is made of are non-toxic and washable.


What books appeal to two-year-olds? By this age, the toddler will be able to enjoy books with more than just a few words on each page. They love simple stories and repetitive poems, with colorful pictures.

The winner in this category is the interactive books that make sounds and the kid gets to join in the actions.

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