Fabulous Birthday Present Idea for Girls and Boys

It always takes a lot of thinking how to surprise our special ones – sister, brother, mother, father and so on for their birthday.

To be creative and different and make a memorial present is so hard. Going with a birthday party surprise is wonderful but it is still so common. What’s more, some people are not huge fans of those kinds of surprises.

That’s why we decided to share with you an idea that is fabulous and will definitely create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Let’s say the birthday girl/boy is turning 30. You can prepare a big fancy box that contains 30 presents. Each of them is individually wrapped and should be open in a particular order. They can start off being silly and funny small things and gradually work their way up to nicer, more expensive items. The number 30 can be a splendid birthday cake accompanied by a birthday song sung for the birthday girl/boy. We’ve got custom birthday songs for over 2, 200 names. What you need to do is to go find your name in a birthday song and then make a CD with the song.

Custom Birthday mp3


Custom Birthday Songs


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