The Different Kind of Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday parties are an exciting way to celebrate a birthday. They are easy to plan and can be a lot of fun but it is always a good idea to add some extra excitement to it.  Have you ever thought about trying something new and interesting to entertain the birthday girl/boy.

This creative surprise birthday party idea will help you to take your surprise birthday party to the next level.

Basically, when people throw a surprise party, they hide in a room and wait for the person to get to the location. They jump, yell surprise, and that’s it.

The “Treasure Hunt” surprise birthday party will make a lot of difference. It is made up of some clues the Surprisee needs to find.

This can start out with a clue written on paper and left by the Surprisee’s bed, or why not taped on the bathroom mirror. It could also be a cryptic envelope: Clue #1!  put at any place you are sure will not be missed or you can hand it over personally. The possibilities are not limited.

The clues can be made relevant to the Surprisee containing inside jokes, bringing up old memories, solving a riddle and etc.

Each clue leads to a different place and in every place will have another clue leading to the next. You can lead the Surprisee to sentimental places, houses, stores, parks, restaurants, or other places connected the Surprisee’s life and likes. You can also have a friend of the Surprisee waiting by each clue.

During the hunt the suspense will build up and Surprisee’s excitement will build as he/she works to find the party area for the big Surprise!

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