The Coolest Birthday Surprise Ideas You Will Want To Try


Not long ago an acquaintance of mine asked me for some birthday surprise ideas. I gave her few options and she picked one of them. Thus I decided, I should write a list of birthday surprise ideas that can be helpful.

Here are 5 amazing surprise ideas that will make your friend’s day awesome. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the list.

Group wishes video

It is the perfect birthday surprise if you have a friend who stays in another country and you won’t be able to see on his birthday. You can get in touch with his close friends and ask them to make a short video with their wishes. You will then collect all those videos and combine them in a single presentation. Sounds like a good surprise, right?

Hidden Notes

If you are thinking of a fun and exciting surprise, then here is something quite easy for execution, but very exciting experience for the birthday person. Take some notes and write down some emotional touchy messages, wishes or funny messages, etc.

The next step is hide those notes in things that the person use or on places that spends most of the time.

But you are not hiding just a single note. Instead you are hiding different notes on different places. So it will be a whole day of discovering different notes popping up from everywhere – diary, bag, pen, launch box, suit pocket, etc.

You forgot

At first, this might sound like not so good idea, but trust me, if you are good at acting, it might turn out to be the biggest surprise ever. The idea is simple: act as if you don’t remember and then surprise all of a sudden at midnight.

All you need to do is to act like you have forgotten about the birthday and explain that you will go for a night out with friends this evening. You can try to spice the situation up your own way to make it even more interesting. At 00 am you can make the actual surprise. For example to make a call and ask see down from the window. The birthday person will be really surprise as he will not be expecting you to come up at their place.

Thread surprise

Really awesome surprise idea!

While the birthday person is sleeping, you have to try to tie one end of the thread on his finger and the other end to the gift which you have to put somewhere hidden to another room. You have to do so just before the time he usually wakes up in the morning. The first surprise will come when he notices the thread tied on his finger, and the second, once he follows the thread and sees the gift. Cool start of the big day, isn’t it.

Surprise Video

You might be familiar with making a video of slide pictures, and adding some really cool message to it. But do you know that at BirthdaySongsWithNames, you can choose a personalized birthday song to make the video even more special. Give it a shot by starting with a search of the name of the birthday person

Custom Birthday mp3


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