Born on Christmas Eve? It isn’t the best time, is it?

Everyone would agree that Christmas Eve is not the best time to have a birthday. Your friends are so excited about the holiday – with all the shopping and cooking they will hardly remember your birthday.  But even they do, they are busy doing fun family stuff and it’s practically impossible to get any of them to be with you on your actual birthday. It’s understandable, this is their #familytime.

Yes another simple fact you will have to accept is the very chance of receiving just one joint present for your birthday and the Christmas. It’s really quite annoying having in mind that your friends always get at least two gifts throughout the year.

But that’s not all because usually this combined present comes wrapped in Christmas paper, and you are left wondering whether to open it on your birthday or on Christmas.

And while we are on the subject of the combo present, how many times have you received a “Happy Birthday/Christmas card”? You will have to swallow this one as well.

And finally (*sigh*), don’t forget that it’s Christmas and you have to give other people presents too. It’s a sad fact, but you just have to accept that you birthday isn’t all about you.

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