Birthday Surprise Ideas to Make Anyone Smile


Birthdays are special and well-planned surprises can lead to tremendous fascination. But obviously planning them can be a tricky job. Not everyone has the skill to make a nice birthday surprise and not everyone can come up with the right idea.

If you feel, you want to impress your friends and family members, then you can try one of our nice birthday surprise ideas.

A Trip – Surprise Element: Blind Fold
It is in human nature to react to things that happen unexpectedly. Not letting the person to get a hint of what is happening to him, will baffle him in a way that could be remembered for years.
To make it even more memorable, you can invite friends or family, or make special decoration arrangements that will impress the person.

Farmhouses, for example, are perfect when one decides to organize such birthday surprises. You can decorate the place well in advance and invite friends to gather there well before time.

Give Their Car a Makeover
This birthday surprise idea may take many forms and transformations. It all depends on the budget you are willing to give. You can simply give a new look to whatever seems feasible to your budget – from the color of the car to the interiors.

A cheaper variation of this idea is to decorate the car with stuff like confetti’s, banners, balloons, etc.

The real challenge comes when you have to overtake the command of the car. If the makeover involves a lot of customization, you will have to take the car to the garage at least 4-5 days earlier.

However, if you go with the simple decoration plan, you just need to sneak the car keys, decorate the car later, and wait for the person to be caught by the surprise.

A Special Birthday Song
Everyone has listened to the traditional birthday song and everyone expects to listen to it on his birthday.

But let’s imagine that you are having a breakfast with the birthday boy/girl and unexpectedly a custom birthday song with his name in it starts singing (you can play it by your phone).
Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? It will surely bring an ear to ear smile on the face of your love one. has 5 different custom birthday songs for more than 7,700 names. See if you can find the birthday person’s name on our list.

Make a phone call
I can assure you that a real, old school phone call means a lot. Especially when it comes as a surprise.

More than describing this surprise gift idea, I would love to express it as an example. Imagine it is your significant other who is going to the office just like every other day.

Pretend like you have forgotten his birthday. On his way, his phone will ring and he will receive the special Happy Birthday call.

I can guarantee, he will never forget this special call.

You will have to request a birthday call from brithdaysongwithnames well in advance and make sure that you fill in the exact time your call should be made (for example while going to the office).
Do you have a favorite birthday surprise idea? Share in the comments.

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