Birthday Party For Toddlers and Younger Kids: Teddy Bear Picnic

One of the most imaginative birthday parties my children have ever attended was a Teddy Bear Bash. The birthday girl was turning 3, and all the guests were asked to bring a favorite teddy bear or other stuffed animal.

Party Games/Entertainment

Arrival activity
As each guest arrived, they were given a teddy bear mask to color in and decorate, and teddy bear coloring sheets (printed free from the internet). The idea was to take a photo of each guest wearing their mask, and put the photo on their thank you card.

Dress their new bears Activities

The guests are invited to a fanciful setup in the family’s dining room, where picnic blankets were set around the room and each guest had a cozy cushion waiting on the floor with a brand new teddy bear friend for each child.

The kids got to pick adorable outfits from a big picnic basket to dress their new bears (bought at a local craft store), and the rest of the party revolved around all things teddy bear.

Musical teddy bears.
Everyone had been asked to bring their favorite teddy bear. All the teddy bears were put in the middle and when the music stopped they had to grab their teddy. Each time a teddy was removed and a child was eliminated.

Party food

The party food consisted of teddy bear sandwiches (ham and cheese sandwiches cut with teddy bear cookie cutter), flower shaped fairy bread, homemade sausage rolls, bear paw shaped crisps, fruit kebabs with a jelly teddy on top, tiny teddies in milky way racing cars, and lollipops in a Winnie the Pooh style “hunny” jar.

Teddy Bear Cake
An adorable bear cake was served with gummy bears galore — and within two hours, the party was over and everyone left happy, full and carrying a new bear friend!

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