Birthday Party Foods No One Likes

1. Stuffed eggs

The first thing that comes to mind when you ask yourself what to serve at a birthday party, is of course stuffed eggs. They are party classics – look good, easy to prepare and everyone eats th

em.  But do you really want to celebrate entering another year of life with eggs? Thank twice. Why don’t you leave them for breakfast time and serve something else instead.


2. Crudité Platters

Nestled between the chicken wings and party mix, a plate of raw veggies is often the least appealing snack. Well, it’s because people do not go to parties for raw veggies, broccoli and baby carrots. They are expecting the good stuff and you do not want to disappoint them, right?

So, you will be better off, if you skip the platter next time.


3. Desserts Meant To Replace Cake

That’s the big one. What is a birthday party without a cake? That’s the most essential part of every b-day party. If you want to leave everyone happy, just get an awesome cake. People want cake, so let them eat it!


4. Jell-O

Jell-O is “America’s Most Popular Dessert” .  Is it really? Despite the fact that Jell-O is the snack that is always present in children’s lunch boxes, I do not think it is the right food to serve at a birthday party. Just remove it from your party list and let Jell-O go forever.


5.  Cake Pops

Some people believe that cake pops fit every occasion and satisfy every craving. But that’s far from being true. They might seem attractive, but trust me no one likes having to bite through hardened frosting and maneuvering their way around a stick just to get a few crumbs of cake.


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