Awesome Tips for Birthday Scrapbooking


Making a birthday scrapbook that is a collection of the birthday celebrations and a-year-round highlights over the years is a great way to look back one’s life and preserve the memories forever.

In this post I will offer the following suggestions for creating an awesome birthday scrapbook.

Choose a yearly theme
I suggest considering each year as a “chapter” in the birthday scrapbook. A yearly theme will help each birthday stand out as a separate memory.

Collect photos
You can memorize all the remarkable happenings of the previous year by putting together a page with photos taken anytime and anywhere accompanied by memorable captions.

Record the year’s highlights
Since the scrapbook should be as individual and unique as the child itself, you can work together with your kid to determine which memories are most important to him/her. For example you can ask about his or her goals, favorite movie, song, vocal group, best friend, color, book, sport, hobby, and the other highlights of the last 12 months. You might consider naming the page “Favorites at Eight,” for example.

Parents can also consider commemorating the year’s highlights by writing a letter to their child that describes events of that year. You can also take the opportunity to express love and appreciation for the child in such a letter.

Create a “pocket page”
What is a “pocket page?” It is a scrapbook page with another piece of paper attached in a way that looks like a “pocket.” This page can follow the theme of the other pages, and it is a perfect place to put in birthday cards, movie tickets, a copy of your invitation, or other mementoes.

Creating a birthday page for each year, and assembling all the pages into a birthday scrapbook is a great way to keep the birthday memories alive! I am sure your kids will love the scrapbook.

How do you scrapbook birthdays? Share a tip in the comments!

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