Amazing Birthday Party Games To Choose From

Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate your birthday and have fun with your good friends!  No party is complete without some fun games and activities. Party games increase the level of thrill and enthusiasm at any get-together.

See our collection of game ideas and suggestions that will help you plan an amazing party. A party that will create memories you’ll never forget.

Honey, Do You Love Me?

For this game, the birthday teen sits down in a chair in front of the other guests. In essence, each guest takes turns trying to make the birthday teen laugh. However, there are some very specific guidelines regarding what guests are permitted to do and say. For instance, the guests can only say, “Honey, do you love me?” Each guest may use any accent, pronunciation or volume desired, but saying any other words is prohibited. Guests are also prohibited from touching the birthday teen in the certain areas, you get the ideas.

Once the guest asks the question, the birthday teen must respond, “Honey, I do love you but I will not smile” without cracking a grin. If a guest manages to make the birthday teen smile, the guest replaces the birthday teen in the chair. Play continues until the group finds a teen who simply will not smile, who is then declared the victor.


Sock Wars

Sock Wars is an indoor party game that requires an even number of players, three pairs of socks each, some rope and two beach balls. Divide a room in half with the rope and divide the players into two even teams. The game is played in three short rounds. The first is 45 seconds, the second is a minute and the last is a minute and a half. During the round, the teams attempt to throw as many socks onto the opposite side of the room as possible, along with the beach balls. Of course, each team can throw back the other’s socks. At the end of the round, count the number of socks on each side at one point each, and count the beach balls as worth two points each. The winning team is the team with the lowest score at the end of the games. If the teens use their own socks, ensure they have their names attached to them so they can find their own socks again from the bunch at the end of the game.


Pop and Dare

All you’ll need to play Pop and Dare are some small pieces of paper, a sharp pencil and a pack of latex balloons. This game can be a lot of fun for teens and it adds an extra element to the old standard Truth or Dare game.


Bag Actor Challenge

Before the party, fill paper bags with random objects for each party guest. Items such as shoes, books, candy bars or party favors work well. Give each guest a bag. Each player must act out a skit using the items in their bag. The best actor wins.


Mummy Wrap-Up

Divide guests into teams of two or three players. Give each team two rolls of toilet paper. Each team must choose one team member as their “mummy.” The team that uses up their two rolls of toilet paper first while “mummifying” their mummy wins the game.

Write out the dares yourself or hand out small pieces of paper to all the guests and have them to write out one dare each. Tell them that the dares must be appropriate, though they can be playfully embarrassing if they want. Fold each paper into a small square and insert it into a balloon. Blow up the balloons, tie them and scatter them around the room. Choose the order in which the teens will play the game and hand the first one the sharpened pencil with which to pop a balloon of her choice. After popping the balloon, she has to pick out the dare and take it on. She then picks the next player and so on until everyone has had a turn.


Memorable way to Say “Happy Birthday”

And the culmination of each party is the birthday cake with lit candles on it. What if in this very special moment a birthday song with the name of the birthday girl/boys starts singing for her/him? I bet it would be a great surprise that will remain lasting memories.

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