9 Unique Ways to Say Happy Birthday to Someone You Love

unique ways to say happy birthday

From your closest friend to cringiest uncle, each year that passes it becomes more difficult to come up with fun ways to send fun and surprising birthday greetings. Luckily for you, there is a guide to help you easily emphasize the significance of your loved one on their special day.

Want to give someone you love a happier birthday? Check out these fun, clever, and totally unique ways to say happy birthday.

1. Happy Birthday Email

Email remains one of the most used forms of communication. Once used as a way to get your most important professional messages across the internet, now the birthday eCards are one of the most sent types of email among consumers.

According to the CDC, there are approximately 500 million eCards sent annually.

With customizable options from quirky animation to high-quality web fonts, you’re guaranteed that their inbox surprise is one to be remembered. Let your family and friends know how much you care with the perfect eCard.

2. Social Media Birthday Shout Out

Social media has grown to become the essential place to share some personalized birthday love.

Take your friend’s birthday notification a step further by wishing them a wonderful birthday that everyone can see. Whether you’re posting on their wall, your story, or just giving them a shoutout on Instagram, this is your chance to celebrate a birthday in a social way.

3. Singing Telegram

When you know a Facebook post or phone call won’t cut it, a singing telegram is a genius way to give the gift of laughter.

4. Singing Message by You

Not the best singer? Relax. You don’t have to be the best when you sing the Happy Birthday song.

Your singing style will be what separates your birthday jingle from the long-established happy birthday song. For a bold twist on the happy birthday song, sprinkle in your own lyrics and melody to create an entirely new birthday ditty.

5. Writing in the Sky

Nothing says “it’s your happy birthday, skies the limits” like skywriting.

Although this option for unique ways to say happy birthday is a bit more extravagant, the WOW factor is undeniable. Imagine your loved one’s excitement seeing their name in the sky along with your birthday wishes.

6. Happy Birthday Video Message

When it comes to unique ways to say happy birthday, a video message is a sure-fire way to make a lasting birthday impression.

Video birthday messages allow you to bridge the distance between creativity and economics. Mix up your video by adding personal touches to achieve the ideal birthday clip that is truly one of a kind.

Here are some tips to help you make a catchy birthday video.

7. Birthday Text Message

Nothing hurts more than being left unread. For those who live insanely busy lives, a personalized birthday text message is the simplest way personalize birthday wishes.

8. Birthday Phone Call

Although quite conventional, a happy birthday phone call from a loved one can spark a bit of happiness for someone on their special day.

9. Happy Birthday Card

No matter what stage of life you are celebrating nothing trumps a good ole birthday card.

According to research from the Greeting Card Association, birthday cards account for over half of all total cards sold, which is why this method is the best way to say happy birthday.

Birthday Card Bonus: For an added element of birthday surprise try adding a gift card to their favorite eatery or shop with their birthday card.

Looking for 9 Unique Ways to Say Happy Birthday to Someone You Love?

Sometimes it’s not about just saying “happy birthday”, it’s how you say happy birthday. These tips will add some new life to the celebration of life.

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