7 Ways to make your loved ones feel special on their Birthday

Birthdays have always been a reason for celebration with your favourite ones. And as it comes only once in a year, you always give your 100 % efforts to make them feel worth special on this day. But sometimes maybe it’s someone’s birthday that you’re really attached to, or even someone that’s just been great to you all the time and you don’t want their birthdays to just let go like the ordinary days, those celebrations call for something EXTRA special, when you can express your love for them.

And we should also know that there are so much more we can do other than just gifting them on their birthdays. Be it your family, best friend or your one and only love, here are some super-fun (and for the most part, pretty easy) birthday ideas that will leave them happily amazed.

  1. BALLOON MESSAGES: – Balloons have always been a sign of joy, what’s better than wishing your loved ones by displaying your own personalised messages or you can also put your special notes inside it to make your surprise look more interesting with those pretty multicoloured bunch of balloons. Getting up in the morning and watching the balloons reaching to you with those lovely messages is itself a wonderful feeling indeed.
  2. ROUND THE CLOCK GIFTING: – Well everyone loves getting gifts, so why not make them smile throughout the day? You could give a birthday present once every hour (or every few hours). It can be anything they would love to get may be a novel, a bouquet or bunch of chocolates, and save the best gift for the last hour of celebration. This is surely going to make your loved ones feel they are the luckiest to have you.
  3. MAKE THEM A SURPRISE VIDEO: – Isn’t it great to get wishes from all your dear ones at once and recalling all the moments spent with them on this auspicious day? Yes, make them a video or a group video with their favourite people on it wishing them on their birthday, they could be their family members, friends or anyone who stay far away, and it will add extra spice to the video if you could capture some of their candid and funny moments spent.
  4. FAVORITE PLACE: – They must have a favourite spot where they would love to spend their entire day, it can be their favourite park, a restaurant, a club or also some nearby place you can take them as a day trip or a road trip. There couldn’t be a better idea than celebrating their born day in their favourite spot.
  5. DOOR SURPRISE: – So this can be the cutest surprise one can get. This idea will work especially for those who resides to some other place far from yours. You need to buy a gift for the person that you would like to gift, also you can make your gift more special with a bouquet, chocolates and anything that you know that will make them the happiest. Wrap the gift and put that thing on the door with a note stick on it. Let that person open the door by letting his/her other family member know about it. So that when that person will open the door he/she will get surprised to see the gift when nobody is around.
  6. HIDDEN NOTES: – It is the most unique way to surprise your loved ones. Make some notes for them in small pieces of paper. In every note, write anything you wish to express them. It can be a small birthday wish, or a special poem you especially wrote for them, some funny tag lines, emotional messages, about your moments and experiences with them or anything that’s worth putting up a million dollar smile on their face for the whole day. Also, you need to hide those note in things that the person uses or may be the place that person spend his most of the time. Just make sure to hide them at different places. Imagine the excitement it will give them to explore different notes for the whole day.
  7. FLASH MOB: – This could be the biggest and the most unique surprise anyone can get. You just need to prepare a flash mob performance with a group of people in an open place or on the street with the songs from their favourite movie or anything you know they would love to see you tap your feet on. What else is better than wishing them like this on their special day and dedicating them a performance in front of the live audience.

So, these were just few quick ideas that can work for you to make their birthday a special one. But the sweetest thing you can do for them on their birthday is to surprise them and make them feel special in your own way with you own ideas.

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