5 Awesome Ideas to Celebrate Birthday on Low Budget


Birthday celebrations are a big thing for the modern day youngsters; however, not everyone can afford an expensive and lavish party. If you are on a tight budget, you can get creative to celebrate a birthday without burning a deep hole in your pocket. The typical idea of a birthday celebration is having a cake, ordering food for the guests, giving return gifts, decorating the party venue, buy alcohol, however all of these can cost a lot of money.

You need not have to deal with the stress of how the birthday party will affect your monthly budget; you can celebrate the birthday with great pomp, have fun and yet save money. Gather your friends, make a list of happy birthday song edit name for a night long dancing and making merry and follow the creative tips mentioned below for a low budget birthday party.

Free venues

When you are on a low budget, planning a birthday party in a banquet hall or a lavish venue is a strict no-no. This is because booking a venue will cost you, so forget those typical party halls and instead think about the free venues. Yes, free venues where you need not have to spend a single dime. You can plan a party nearby a lake or have a beachside party. It would have a great outing to catch up with your friends and have a memorable party. For more simple and fun party idea, you can plan a house party. Call your friends over to your home and you can plan a great party with games, music, and food; simple yet resourceful.

Keep your guest list short

It is a no brainer that the more number of people you invite the higher will be your party expense. So, if you are on a tight budget, keep the birthday celebration a low-key affair and invite only a selected few people. This would save you a lot of money on food and drinks. Also, even if you are booking a venue, it would require less space, and would cost less.

Low cost theme

Generally, people plan a birthday party based on a theme; important things like cake, decorations, and costume are decided according to the selected theme. So if you are planning a birthday with a low budget make sure that you can pick a theme that requires minimal investment in costume and décor. Do a little bit of research on the various themes and shortlist a few and choose the one that works best for you.

Do It Yourself

If you planning a birthday party of a tight budget, DIY is the way to go. There are many things that you can do it by yourself and save money on. Here are a few effective ideas to cut cost

Decorations – If you are planning to decorate the home with glitters, confetti, ribbons, you can create your own decorative items rather than buying it from a store. Call your friends over and have fun while doing the decoration.

Invitation Cards – forget buying those expensive invitation cards, instead unleash your creative side and prepare the cards yourself. There are literally thousands of online tutorials to make the best invitation cards. Even better just send an e-mail or a message to the invitees to save cost.

Be your own planner

If you are thinking of planning an event planner, you can save a lot of money on this and do the planning yourself without shelling a single penny. There are plenty of videos available online that provides tutorials on how to plan a perfect birthday party without a planner.

Remember, birthday celebration is all about making the occasion special and memorable while spending quality time with the loved ones. Start the planning process well in advance, create a list of happy birthday song edit name and enjoy a great party.

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