What’s A Birthday Celebration Without A Birthday Song?

Your kid’s birthday is coming soon. It only happens once a year, so why not CELEBRATE! And celebrate it a big way! In my experience as a parent of two, it is rarely the gifts my children remember. It is the feeling of excitement when they get out of bed in the morning, the different surprises throughout the day, and the whole enthusiasm surrounding them.

With that in mind, I do not believe that big birthday parties with extensive decorations, party favors, and games are what matters most.  What I do believe though is that making my own kid feel really special and loved and his/her party guests feel welcome and comfortable is the key of birthday into a memory for a whole life. But how to come up with ideas that will create a day filled with delight and what would be the one thing that will make the day? The answer is simple – you can build an excitement with a personalized birthday song that will thrill your kid and make him/her feel so much special.

Think of it. What’s a birthday celebration without a birthday song? No doubts, the culmination of every birthday party is singing the Happy Birthday song, making the wish and blowing out the candles.

Traditionally, the list of birthday songs is led of course by “Happy Birthday To You” sung just before blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. However, sometimes children get tired of the same old birthday songs and would be taken aback if they hear something new.

As parents we all know that nothing is more precious than a big smile on a kid’s face. Our personalized birthday songs will produce a huge smile on your kid’s face and will make your kid feel loved and special. That’s because they are filled with joy and happiness and the name of the birthday boy/girl is sung number of times throughout the songs.

All you need to do is to find your kid’s name, select the song you believe he will love and then burnt it on a CD.

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