Ways to Make Birthdays More Fun

Collect Well Wishes from Friends and Family

A month before your kids’ birthdays, you can send a craft-paper banner to family and close friends around the country, asking them to sign it, add a note or drawing. Then you can hang it on the eve of the birthday after the kids are in bed. Another option is if your kids have their very own birthday tablecloth that party guests are invited to sign and decorate every year with markers and stamps. Everybody, young and old, seems to like it and it’s really fun to read.

Celebrate Birthday Week

Some families like to stretch their celebrations by giving each family member center stage for a week. The festivities kick off with a homemade “happy birthday” poster and the telling of the birth story. Each day after that, the family gathers for one special treat, such as a game night, a movie, or a dinner out. If you set such a tradition in your family, it will help you to slow down and take some time to celebrate that special member of your family.

Hide a Prize in the Cake

You can poke one shelled peanut into the birthday cake before frosting it. Whoever found the nut will win an ice-cream outing with Dad (that is just an example. You can set your own prize). The tradition is popular since anyone could win. If allergies are an issue in your family, use a piece of chocolate or soft candy instead.

Wake to Cake

You can get up early on a family member’s birthday, light candles on the cake, and rouse the honoree with the traditional song. Then all family members pile onto the bed, grab forks, and dig in. The kids will so cherish this special treat that you will make sure to never miss it, even if the family is camping or traveling on someone’s big day. It will soon become of your favorite family traditions.

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