Twins birthday: Do you need to double it all – two parties, two cakes, two gifts?

Birthdays are a big momentous for twins and very confusing one for parents and friends. It is always a challenge to celebrate their birthdays in a meaningful way that makes each child feel really special and unique. In this article you can find the answers of the most common questions that arise and how to deal with them.

Should You Consider Alternative Celebrations?

Some parents may wish to show respect for each child’s individuality by creating separate events. That might sound like a good idea, but you will have to talk to your children first about their feelings. Many twins believe that sharing a birthday is actually part of the fun of growing up as a twin and they would like to be together. On the other hand, the idea of celebrating on separate days could be a challenge because each of the twins will want to have the party on the actual date.

If You Go With Just One Party

It is certainly easier to plan one party per year than two separate events. And the amount you will have to pay for a twin birthday will be the same as for a single party, with perhaps a small additional fee for the birthday cake. But how many cakes you should have?

A Separate Cake For Each Twin?

One of the biggest dilemmas for parents of twins is whether to provide a separate cake for each child. Once the twins are old enough they will give you the answer but for younger children there is no a right answer. One cake is the easier solution, but many believe, that all children deserve to hear “Happy Birthday To You” sung in their honor, and it should be delivered separately – for each child.

Should You Bring Gifts for Both Twins?

Unfortunately, there is no defined protocol or straight answer. Just like with any birthday party, it’s etiquette to bring a presence for the host. A birthday party for twins is no different, except that there are two hosts instead of one. Of course, like so many issues with twins, it all depends on the children and their personalities. Keep in mind that two gifts doesn’t necessarily mean you need to double your birthday budget.

Should You Buy Each Twin a Different Gift?

If you decide to buy two gifts, buying individualized gifts that fit each twin’s personality is the best approach, no matter if the twins are identical or fraternal.

However, sometimes, a single gift that can be shared may turn out to be more fun than individual items. A board game, video, or sandbox are all examples of this type of gift. In other situation it may be better to give gifts that are similar in category, but unique in detail, such as dolls with different apparel or trucks in different colors. Giving everyone the same thing is sometimes the best thing you can do because it’s one less thing to argue about!

Hope you feel now better prepared for a birthday party for twins. Please share in the comments below your personal experience.

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