Tips on Planning a Birthday Party

Birthdays are the best occasions to celebrate special moments with your friends and family. No matter whose birthday it is, one is for sure that you are definitely going to have some good time. Games, birthday treats, music and cakes with plenty of eating and drinking options, make birthday celebrations more fun and an evening well spent.

Nowadays the trend is to hold especially themed parties, depending on whose birthday it is; whether a child or adult, and asking the guests to also dress up as per the theme. A banquet hall is ideally selected for such parties to help create the decor theme and ensure there is enough space for all the guests to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

If you have a birthday party of a family member or friend coming up, then you need to start planning for the same at least a week in advance, mainly to ensure everything goes well and all the guests return happy. Thanks to the internet, you can even make a happy birthday with name song that will surely surprise and delight the birthday boy/girl. It’s a very unique concept that not many people may have never seen or heard before, so make sure you do it for the birthday person.

When it comes to organizing a birthday part, we would like to suggest you check out the following tips. They will help your birthday party memorable for a long time.

The guest list and invitations

Start preparing your guest list at least 30 to 45 days in advance. As a result, you will have enough time to make any changes in it. It will also give you time to prepare the invitation cards well in advance, so that you can deliver them in time to all the guests. Make sure you consider all your close relatives and friends and cross check your list at least 5 times to ensure you have not missed out on anyone important.

Take the assistance of a senior member of your family as they can guide you on who all are important and need to be invited. Design your invitation card based on the age of the person, i.e. whose birthday you are celebrating. Colourful cards with cartoon characters will be suitable for small children, while classic and sober looking cards with a personalised message will be suitable for anyone above 40.

The venue

The closer the venue is to your house, the better it is. You need to account for the time you and your family needs to dress up and reach the venue, as you are the one who needs to welcome all guests. It is not counted among good manners to walk in late at your own party.

The venue needs to be spacious with a separate play area for the children, if possible. It will help the adults to enjoy without worrying what the children are doing or if they are getting bored. Pay special attention to the security and safety aspects of the venue, as they are very important points for the safety of your guests in case of any emergency.

The birthday party theme

Every good birthday party needs a good theme to help differentiate it from other parties. For children, if it’s a girl then a Barbie theme works best while for a boy you could choose a sports or cartoon characters theme. If the birthday party is for an adult you could select a theme based on colours or anything they like, just make sure you include a happy birthday with name song as a surprise and play it when the cake is being cut.

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