A Great Collection of Birthday Songs

No matter the time of year somebody has a birthday. Whether you celebrate it with family, friends or with office co-workers here are some great songs for the occasion. The songs we chose are timely and relate specifically to the birthday event itself. Enjoy!

1. Beatles – “Birthday” (1968)

The song “Birthday” marked a return to more traditional rock and roll for the Beatles. It first appeared as a track on the album The Beatles (known widely as The White Album). “Birthday” is played by countless radio stations when celebrating famous birthdays or listing birthdays of their listeners.

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2. Stevie Wonder – “Happy Birthday” (1981)

Stevie Wonder wrote this in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday. At the time during the release of his album, which featured this track, he was heavily campaigning for MLK’s birthday to become a federal holiday. It obviously paid off. His version of “Happy Birthday” is a remarkable tribute.

3. Altered Images – “Happy Birthday” (1981)

Altered Images were one of the most promising new wave acts in the UK in the early 1980s. Produced by Martin Rushent, best known for his work with the Human League, “Happy Birthday” became the group’s biggest hit peaking at #2 on the UK pop singles chart.


4. Bob Dylan – “Forever Young”  (1974)

The song first appeared (in two different versions) on Dylan’s 1974 album Planet Waves.


5. Jeremih – “Birthday Sex” (2009)

It is a wonder no one really thought of this type of birthday song before. Jeremih had a breakthrough smash celebrating the art of making love on your birthday.

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6. Destiny’s Child – “Birthday” (1998)

Destiny’s Child lets you know it is your birthday, and you don’t have to do anything but lie back and enjoy it. This track is included on the group’s self-titled first album.


7. Lisa It’s Your Birthday – Michael Jackson (1991)

The late and great King of Pop was supposed to do a voiceover and number for an episode of “The Simpson.” There was a legal dispute with MJ’s record label, so they had an impersonator who was personally handpicked by Jackson. There’s a demo that Michael Jackson actually recorded, but never used, had he appeared on this animated program. If your name is Lisa, you’re in luck as you now have a custom-made birthday song, “Lisa It’s Your Birthday.”

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