Hit the Right Note with a Happy Birthday Name Song

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With a happy birthday name song, being in tune with the best birthday gift got a whole lot easier.

You can’t have a birthday without a cake and a song. But it’s not always easy to get it right and please the person in your life who’s celebrating their special day. Different tastes, styles, cultures and other personal preferences can mean the wrong gift or song can go flat — ending up with a surprise treat that goes unappreciated.

Often, however, the simplest things are best, and that’s why presents like a happy birthday name songs have become so popular. It’s a fun and joyful gift that’s personalised for the person marking their day of birth — and can make them feel extra-special when they hear it. After all, birthday songs are a necessary part of the day, whether it’s a party at home or out to a celebratory dinner at a nice restaurant — and the song Happy Birthday to You is the most sung song all around the world. 

Plus, a happy birthday song with a name goes beyond the tired and cliched tunes we hear every year on our birthdays — and at all the many others we celebrate belonging to family, friends and colleagues. Now, you get something new, made just for you. A personalised birthday song creates a surprise and even happier feeling because it’s unique and someone went to the trouble of arranging it for you.

What Is a Happy Birthday with a Name Song?

Giving someone the magic of a happy birthday name song is simple. It’s all about letting people celebrating their birthday know how you feel about them, and that you’ve taken creative and unique steps to demonstrate that you love and care for them. So how does it work?

You can have a traditional birthday song with a person’s name in it.  Or you could opt for something different and more in tune with your local culture and its songs — like a happy birthday song in Hindi. The birthday girl or boy (or man or woman) is mentioned in the song, and it’s as though the singer is personally singing to them, making the song feel incredibly special to the recipient. 

Our happy birthday with name song site does all the work for you, so you don’t have to sift through lots of songs and wonder which one might be best for your loved one. It’s simply a matter of typing in the person’s name in our homepage search bar. In seconds, our powerful birthday song engine will return choices for the recipient — in English and Hindi. You can listen to a sample to see if you like it and if the recipient might too. 

All this for just Rs.85/- or a few dollars. If you buy several songs, it can be as low as Rs.45/- per song. It’s a low-cost birthday gift option that has a high impact and delivers bundles of happiness and joy. 

How Do You Give Someone a Birthday Name Song?

When you’ve selected your happy birthday name song, you can then download it and do a number of things. One of the most popular ways to give the songs now is simply by sending them via WhatsApp, for a direct greeting and response.

You can also email the happy birthday name song to the recipient, giving them a great surprise when they open their email on their birthday — whether they’ve just arrived at the office, are checking their email at home or wherever they happen to be. Another wonderful way to give someone a happy birthday name song is to share it with them on their social media channels, like Facebook. This also lets all their followers in on the happiness and creates something like an online birthday party. 

As the happy birthday name song is digital, they can store it after their birthday and it will last forever. It’s the true icing on their (birthday) cake!

Light up someone’s life on their next birthday by ordering a happy birthday song with their name and making their day all the more special. Order now!

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