Birthday Fun Ideas: Awesome Games with Balloons


Birthdays only come once a year. Is there a better time for joy, laughter, love and jokes? When I say fun, the first thing that pops in my mind is balloon games. They never fail. With minimum preparation by your side, kids will have tons of fun and active play.

Here are just a few of the awesome games with balloons, you can engage children in at a birthday party.

1.Balloon Burst

Kids love doing naughty things and I think this game is just for them. You’ll need about 10-12 balloons and a string.

How to play:

Each kid gets a balloon. The balloon should be tied to the kid’s left leg. By using their right legs, the kids should burst the other players’ balloons. The winner is the kid which balloon remains intact.

2. Balloon Dart

If the kids are above 8, Balloon Dart is a great idea.

You will need 25-50 small balloons (depending on the number of kids), a cardboard (sticky board is fine as well), a tape and kid-friendly balloon darts

How to play:

Inflate the balloons (at best they should be of the same size) and stick them on the cardboard. A specific colored balloon should be placed in the center. Each kid gets three tries to burst the middle balloon. The one who hits it is the winner.

3. Catch that Balloon

What makes balloons so much desirable is the fact that they are not easy to be caught. That’s one of the reasons why kids love playing with them. And the game I am suggesting is really great for kids, aged 5 or less.

All you need is one big balloon (and maybe a few more in case of bursting)

How to play:

You should stand in the center and have the kids stand around you. Take the balloon and toss it into the air. While it is flying you should name the kid that will try to catch the balloon before it hits the ground. The other players can only stay and watch until their name is called.

4. Balloon Pop Surprise: Hidden Prizes

Your kids will love this one. You will need balloons, some paper, and of course you should come up with prizes. This game is suitable for 5 to 15 players.

How to play:

Write the name of one of the prizes on each piece of paper. Roll the pieces of paper up, and insert them inside the balloons… Inflate the balloons.  Mix the balloons and put them all in a room.

Ask the children to go into the room and pop the balloons one by one. Each kid should burst one balloon at a time. If they get a paper with the name of the prize written on it, they get that prize.

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