Awesome 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Awesome birthday party ideas

The 18th birthday marks an important milestone for every young person. It’s their first official year as a legal adult and it’s time to celebrate! But it’s a kind of different celebration. The party should be a little bit more grown-up.

The question that is rising up is what kind of party do you want to throw? Here are some 18th birthday party ideas to help get your creativity going.

A Geocaching Treasure Hunt

There is no doubt that college kids, and teens are huge fans of these high-tech, outdoor treasure hunts. If you are not familiar with it, geocaching uses GPS coordinates and smart phones to locate hidden caches on college campuses, wilderness trails, and urban plazas.

You can add a very cool forest picnic into the mix and you will have an unforgettable celebration.

A Wild Scavenger Hunt

Childhood scavenger hunts are undeniable fun. But a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt can make a wildly memorable party theme for any 18-year-old.

You can think of something similar to Stanford’s freshman welcome week hunt. Stanford sends freshmen fanning out across San Francisco in teams, toting tote cameras (or camera phones) and a lengthy list of quirky, hilarious and occasionally edgy options to experience, capture and bring back, scavenger-hunt style. No one is ever eliminated, and though there are significant bragging rights to be earned by completing the most items on the list, the fun lies in the adventure and the journey.

In addition to compiling the  list of hunt “items,” you’ll need to designate a starting and ending point, bearing in mind that returning hunters may straggle in over a period of hours, unless you give them a deadline – or better yet, a cake-time.

A “Hunger Games” Party

It’s a great theme for any 18th birthday celebration. “Hunger Games” series is incredibly popular  and even Hollywood celebrities are throwing themselves Hunger Games-themed parties to celebrate their birthdays.

With the right planning, this can be a very memorable outdoor party. Pick a good venue – a park or woodsy backyard – and the trees and terrain do most of the decorating for you. Bring up some food, a cake and a custom birthday song to make it the culmination of the party..

A Grown-Up Hogwarts Adventure

The tale of Harry Potter has such enduring appeal, 18-year-olds take the books to college and play quidditch in the quad.

Muggle quidditch is an excellent game for players and spectators alike. And all you need is a large field, brooms, hula hoops and balls.

A Surprise Party

OK, we’ve talked about a surprise party so many times so I won’t get into details. The trick here is keeping it a surprise! If you can do that, the rest is easy – choose a venue, involved friends, arrange the way the birthday girl/boy will reach the party …..

Stay tuned for the next installment of the 18th Birthday party celebration ideas

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