6 Gifts To Surprise Your Mom On Her Birthday


Your mom certainly is the most important person in your life and a special birthday gift is the best way to show your love and tell her how much she means to you.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on the present. Coming up with something unique will be most treasured. You need to plan enough time for gift hunting because as you can imagine it is not an easy task. To get you started, we have some absolutely fabulous birthday gift ideas to make your mother’s special day memorable one.

  1. Let your parents spend an unforgettable evening together – you have to arrange all the details for a romantic candle light dinner. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, buy your mom a nice evening dress, book a car and don’t forget to send your parents lovely invitations to let them know about the dinner.
  2. Picture collage – this is one of the most heartwarming gifts. Choose pictures from the different phases of your mother’s life – her childhood, her college days, her marriage, the time when she entered motherhood etc. or just make a mix of different pictures with family members and memorable moments.
  3. Custom made jewelry – you can go with your own design or ask a professional designer to come up with something original. The most important part is the new creation to suit perfectly to your mom’s style.
  4. Make something of your own for her – if your strength is in writing, drawing, singing or dancing, put your creativity in action.  You may write a poem, make a greeting card or sing a song you have specially written for her. If nothing else, you may write her a long genuine and warm letter telling her how much she means to you. It’s your own efforts, feelings and emotions that count and that will make your birthday gift a special one.
  5. Let her pamper herself – mothers are usually very busy and it is not rare that they don’t have enough time to look after themselves.  So it is your chance to help her enjoy some pleasant activities. Take her to a beauty salon or a spa to get a refreshing makeover or a relaxing massage.
  6. Birthday song sung for her – our personalized birthday songs have proved to be a perfect birthday gift. So search your mom’s name and download the mp3. You can also create a birthday card with a picture and the song you have selected.

Custom Birthday mp3


Custom Birthday Songs


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