5 DIY Think-outside-the-box Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping could be a very pleasant task if you think outside the box and come up with some really cool ideas.

Let us try and help you get your presents wrapped quickly and painlessly…. and surprisingly beautifully, of course.

But let me start with two very important tips:

The number one rule is to avoid doing the wrapping on the carpet. It will be much easier on a hard surface where you will avoid all the ugly wrinkles and save tons of time. Another useful tip is to use double-stick tape which will triple your speed.

After knowing how to make the process faster and easier, it is time for the creative ideas I promised to share:

  1. Use a new scarf to tie up a gift in an elegant way. Unexpectedly you will have two gifts because your gift wrap becomes another gift! Surprisingly good, isn’t it?


2. One really unforgettable idea – a surprise ball. Inside the ball you can put many little gifts like goodies and the your friend will have to unwind the ball to find the presents


3. Word Search Gift Wrap. Print out word searches or puzzles on computer paper and wrap gifts up in those. You can also add a marker to the box so that you will have both a gift and a game. (learn more here)


4. Make pretty cut-outs to make your gifts extra special for your loved ones. With this way of gift wrapping, you don’t really need to decorate the gift any further with ribbons, colorful strings, etc. (see how to make it here)


5. Turn boring, plain paper into cute animal gifts. This idea is super simple and kids will love it. (find out more here)



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