5 Out-of-the-Box Birthday Ideas


I am so excited to share with you some out-of-the-box ideas on how to celebrate birthday. I am sure you might have dreamt about them at some point of your life and then took the tradition path of celebration.

I still remember when I was a child; I used to get so lost in my dreams from a week or even a month before my birthday. The dreams of my birthday celebrations…

Isn’t it now the right time for you to embrace any of your dreams and make it come true on your birthday?

Book a Villa

One of my dreams has always been to celebrate my birthday in a sea side villa with my friends and family. Actually I had a friend of mine who booked a villa in Goa, a beach place in India. We had a wonderful time there and he was more than enthusiastic to celebrate his birthday like a king in the villa.

So if you have the same dream and enough money to realize it, this is what you have definitely got to do. Call up your close friends and make this day unforgettable for years.

Nature celebration

Yes, everyone celebrate at home or an event place like hotel, restaurant etc… but it is rare someone to decide to celebrate their birthday in forests, mountains, river side, valleys, etc.. If you are looking for a new experience, even adventure, this is something unique which could be given a try.

Take your camps to a beautiful place surrounded by the nature and celebrate!

Gaming celebration

The love of playing games is shared by many people around the world. Do you agree? We all love to spend some time playing games with friends and family. So what if you call your friends at home and organize many games for them and just have fun celebration. You can enjoy so do the guest.


Going for skydiving on your birthday will make this occasion memorable for a life time. It is really astonishing.

You may be scared just by the word itself, but believe me, it is the best feeling in this world that can never be expressed in words. This could be one of those moments that all you feel and think is a feeling of bliss. An experience you will never forget.


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