3 Extremely Easy Cake Decorating Tricks

Sure, I don’t have any doubt that your homemade cakes are delicious. But do they look as good as they taste? We’ve got a few decorating tricks that are stupidly easy to implement but still will impress your guests. What’s more, your cake will look like it came straight from the bakery.

The Sprinkled Frosting Cake

You can’t go wrong with lots and lots of sprinkles. Cover your cake in sprinkles is one of the ways to go. The other is to add colored sprinkles to the frosting. It’s cheerful and requires zero extra effort from your side. At the same time, the final result is amazing.


The Cake Rolls Cake

If nothing else works, you can just cover your cake with cakes. You will need to buy some Swiss Cake Rolls for this cake decoration. Cut them into discs. Gently press the discs onto the frosting in rows until the entire surface is covered. And here you are – your cake is ready, and I can promise you will get some wows and ahhhs, which is always fun.


The Candy Cake

Yep. You can cover an entire cake in gummy bears. The idea may sound a bit ridiculous but I think It is totally worth it. Isn’t it true that looking at this cake makes you happy. Even though most people who eat the cake will end up picking off the gummy bears and saving them for later, I love the effect of the gummies. You guests may love it too.


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