14 Awesome Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

It’s birthday time again which means birthday gifts and of course, a cake. So light the candles, sing “Happy Birthday,” and make a wish.

As we wrote in an earlier post, the first birthday cake was believed to have been made in Germany in the middle ages. The Germans used the cake to celebrate the birthdays of young children and called the celebration Kinderfest.

The 17th century was the period that introduced birthday cakes with a more elaborate detail of icing, layers, and decorations. However, these kinds of cakes were only affordable by the wealthy, upper class due to high prices of the ingredients. In the 18th century, food and cooking started to become more affordable and the price of cakes went down significantly. The quantity of cakes baked went up considerably.

Today, there are vast amounts of cake flavors and recipes available to suit individual tastes. And oftentimes some of the best birthday cakes available are the ones that are simplest.

What makes a huge difference though is the decoration. Awesomely decorated cakes will always hit the spot.  There are endless ways to originally decorate your birthday cakes. We have picked up some for you to choose from:










Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes6





















Birthday cake background hd gallery.



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