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How important Are Kids’ Birthday Parties?

Without any doubt, when I was growing up, birthdays were perhaps one of the most important events.  I have always loved them, and I am not alone. Cakes, presents, having friends over, special attention from everyone… All these easily turned into lifelong memories. The truth is that birthdays have always been and will be a […]


Funny Birthday Video – Arrogant Worms

Remember as a kid you would start dreaming about your birthday party from at least a month before. You may think that time has long gone. It is true that we are all getting older but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun anymore. Happy birthday!

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5 Awesome Tween Birthday Party Games

When my daughter was young, planning her parties was a real pleasure. Whatever I suggested, she adored it all: pink fairy cakes, pastel décor, easy princess games. But now.. it is different. In her teen years, my daughter’s taste has changed a lot and I find it hard to please her. Based on my personal […]


10 Boys’ Birthday Party Ideas You Can’t Miss

I’ve always found it difficult to come up with the exciting party idea that will let my little superhero shine. I want it to be unique and people could not stop talking about it. If you are just like me, then you can check these great party stories, games and decoration tips and tricks collected […]


Remarkably Easy Birthday Cake Decorations For Kids

Make a splash with these fantastic cake decorations Bear Cake This lovely cake is topped with chocolate ganache and mascarpone frosting.   Doodle Cake Cake with rainbow layers will be a sensation among the kids at the party.   Basketball Cake For this decoration you will need a big bag of Reese’s Pieces and a […]


Personalized Birthday MP3 Song Now For More Than 1,600 Christian Names

We are extremely happy to announce that BirthdaySongsWithName is now offering customized birthday songs for more than 1600 Christian names (previously there were only Indian names). It is our hope more and more people around the globe to feel the power of the personalized birthday songs. Without any doubt our songs became the funniest and […]


Top Girls Birthday Party Games For an Awesome Party

Party games are the most anticipated part of the birthday party fun. That’s why you need the carefully plan them and get prepared everything you will need for them to be played well in advance. Here are four games your girl and her friends will love: Truth or Dare As long as you don’t go […]


How to Preserve the Surprise for a Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise parties are increasing in popularity, but do you feel ready to prepare it the right way? Preserving a surprise involves careful planning and serious covert ops, so here are the steps to follow: Recruit a co-conspirator. A trusted friend is always a huge help, especially if you live with the guest of honor. In […]