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Fabulous and Easy Art Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for easy, simple and, of course, low mess craft activities for your kid’s birthday party? Now with Pinterest, throwing a party has become much simpler, and instead of spending a bunch of money at a party place, you can easily make it at home. Kids love art; you can always find them coloring, drawing, […]

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Funny Monster Eye Bubbles For an Awesome Birthday Party

Bubbles are one of my absolute favorite things to play with kids. It is a fantastic way to break the ice at a birthday party! Wait TIl Your Father Gets Home has shared an awesome idea of how to create Monster Eye Bubbles that you can easily make yourself for your kid’s birthday party. Your […]


Birthday Fun Ideas: Awesome Games with Balloons

Birthdays only come once a year. Is there a better time for joy, laughter, love and jokes? When I say fun, the first thing that pops in my mind is balloon games. They never fail. With minimum preparation by your side, kids will have tons of fun and active play. Here are just a few […]

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Original Ideas for DIY Colorful Party Decorations

You will never go wrong if you choose to make your decoration by yourself. There are so many DIY ideas that will make your party fabulous and you guests will be talking about it long after the party is over. 1.Label the forks to make them colorful and personal. One really brilliant idea is to […]


5 DIY Think-outside-the-box Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping could be a very pleasant task if you think outside the box and come up with some really cool ideas. Let us try and help you get your presents wrapped quickly and painlessly…. and surprisingly beautifully, of course. But let me start with two very important tips: The number one rule is to […]


DIY: Candy Cane Party Invites

Candies have always been associated with a birthday party. Along these lines, have you ever think of making a candy invites for you child’s party? Good idea, isn’t it? Well, one of my favorite blogs Oh Happy Day has a really good idea of how to easily DIY Candy stick party invites. In order to […]


Born on Christmas Eve? It isn’t the best time, is it?

Everyone would agree that Christmas Eve is not the best time to have a birthday. Your friends are so excited about the holiday – with all the shopping and cooking they will hardly remember your birthday.  But even they do, they are busy doing fun family stuff and it’s practically impossible to get any of […]


The Cutest Birthday Wishes

Birthdays always comes with a lot of appreciation, good wishes and hopes for better days ahead. This is a list of sweet, happy birthday wishes for friends and families. Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Thinking of you on your birthday, […]

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Make Amazing Birthday Videos in Seconds to Say “Happy Birthday”

Birthdaysongwithnames.com is proud to announce a new feature to our website. You can now surprise your friends with a birthday video that could contain not only photos of your choice, but also a personalized birthday song with the name of your friend. This is not the usual gift that everyone gives away. This is something […]

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Top 5 DIY Birthday Cards Easy To Make

We all agree that when it comes to sending birthday greeting cards, there is nothing more heartfelt than a homemade birthday card. One couldn’t feel more special knowing that you have put some effort and time to make a greeting card for them. It shouldn’t be something complicated though. We have collected some awesome yet […]